SDL Tech Notes provides support for programming questions around the SDL Component Suite.

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panRotate and Pan
panning a data windowMoving the viewing port of RChart
parent windowCreating Components Manually
pathsUnable to open file 'SDLCHARTPACK_xxCx.LIB'
PCAPrincipal Component Analysis is Slow
percentilePercentiles Differ from Excel Results
 Percentiles Differ from Excel Results
PercentileOfNumCellsPercentiles Differ from Excel Results
Plot3DPlot3D Rotates upon Selection from Dialog
polygonDrawing Filled Polygons in RChart
population kurtosisKurtosis and skewness do not match the values of Excel
 Kurtosis and skewness do not match the values of Excel
PrecisionNTabEd: Setting the Precision and the Column Name
principal component analysisPrincipal Component Analysis is Slow
programmatical creation of componentsCreating Components Manually
project fileUnable to open file 'SDLCHARTPACK_xxCx.LIB'
property does not existProperty Does not Exist

Last Update: 2014-10-10