Unable to open file 'SDLCHARTPACK_xxCx.LIB'

Problem I have upgraded my SDL ChartPack from Version 9.7 to Version 10.0. When I try to build an old application I get the following message:
    [Linker Fatal Error] Fatal: Unable to open file 'SDLCHARTPACK_97C6.LIB'
I've checked the library paths, and everything seems correct.
Solution This problem is a common problem of Borland's C++Builder which does not automatically exchange the old library entries in the project file by the new ones. So the best way to solve this problem is to open the corresponding project file (*.bpr) with a text editor and exchange any occurrence of "_97C6" by "_100C6".

For other releases of the SDL Suite and/or different compilers you have to search for substrings according to the following general scheme:

with 'xxx' being the release number without the decimal point (e.g. '8.5' becomes '85'), and 'cc' being either 'C5' or 'C6'.


Last Update: 2011-10-10