Turbo Delphi/C++ Professional

Problem I've upgraded from the free Turbo Delphi to Turbo Delphi Professional. The SDL Suite does not show up in the tools palette, despite the fact that I installed it.
Applies To All Turbo products
Solution As you know (and which is probably the reason why you upgraded), the free version of the Turbo products does not allow to install third-party components. When you install any third-party components, they show up in the Component Palette dialog, but cannot be activated. If you installed the SDL Suite (or any other third-party product) before upgrading to Turbo Delphi Professional, you simply have to activate the additional components manually.

To do so, start Turbo Delphi/C++ and click on "Component/Install Packages". Scroll down the box listing all components and tick off the SDL components in the following order:

  1. SDL BasePack
  2. SDL MathPack
  3. SDL GuiPack
  4. SDL GeoPack
  5. SDL ChemPack
  6. SDL ChartPack

Click OK to close the dialog. Now the SDL Components will show up in the Tool Palette when you create or open an application.

Hint: If the SDL components do not show up in the Install Packages dialog, you have to reinstall the component suite.


Last Update: 2006-12-08