SDL Tech Notes provides support for programming questions around the SDL Component Suite.

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C++BuilderE2015: Ambiguity Problems with C++Builder
captionDrawing Outside the Chart Area of RChart
chart items, max. numberMaximum Number of Datapoints in RChart
chm filesHelp does not display correctly
CM_DIALOGKEYThe arrow keys do not trigger the OnKeyDown and OnKeyUp events
ColNameNTabEd: Setting the Precision and the Column Name
compilation of sourcesCompiling the Source Code
conditional definesCompiling the Source Code
contour plotIncompatible Parameters in OnEstimateZVal
coordinate conversionCoordinate Conversion between Layers
CopyToBitMapDrawing Speed of CopyTo.... Routines
CopyToBMPDrawing Speed of CopyTo.... Routines
CopyToClipBoardDrawing Speed of CopyTo.... Routines
CopyToWMFDrawing Speed of CopyTo.... Routines
createDynamic Creation of RChart
creating components manuallyCreating Components Manually
creation of a matrixAccess Violation When Creating Matrix Objects

Last Update: 2014-10-10