SDL Tech Notes provides support for programming questions around the SDL Component Suite.

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M2RCoordinate Conversion between Layers
magnificationScalable Text on a Map
map inscriptionScalable Text on a Map
maPanUndeclared Identifier
MapImageToControlScalable Text on a Map
maRotateRotate and Pan
matrixAccess Violation When Creating Matrix Objects
 Kurtosis and skewness do not match the values of Excel
 Percentiles Differ from Excel Results
 Percentiles Differ from Excel Results
maximum number of datapointsMaximum Number of Datapoints in RChart
missing include fileCompiling the Source Code
missing library fileUnable to open file 'SDLCHARTPACK_xxCx.LIB'
missing propertyProperty Does not Exist
mouse actionUndeclared Identifier
mouse clickPlot3D Rotates upon Selection from Dialog
mouse cursorMouse Cursor is not Reset when Leaving RChart
 Workaround: RChart Mouse Cursor
MouseActionWorkaround: RChart Mouse Cursor
 Rotate and Pan
MouseCursorFixedWorkaround: RChart Mouse Cursor
moving the viewing portMoving the viewing port of RChart

Last Update: 2014-10-10