SDL Tech Notes provides support for programming questions around the SDL Component Suite.

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R2MCoordinate Conversion between Layers
rangesQuick Drawing in RChart
RChartQuick Drawing in RChart
 Maximum Number of Datapoints in RChart
 Mouse Cursor is not Reset when Leaving RChart
 Irregularly spaced labels on axes
 Tick Marks with a User-Defined Spacing
 Second y-Axis for RChart
 Moving the viewing port of RChart
 Workaround: TRChart.AddTextLabel
 Workaround: RChart Mouse Cursor
 Using RChart in Threads
 Coordinate Conversion between Layers
registered componentsNag Hints and Registered Components
registryUninstalling Delphi Components
RegMergeLevelUninstalling Delphi Components
rendering speedQuick Drawing in RChart
 Drawing Speed of CopyTo.... Routines
report list viewOwnerDraw in TReportListView
Rot3DRotate and Pan
rotateRotate and Pan
rotationPlot3D Rotates upon Selection from Dialog

Last Update: 2014-10-10