Property Does not Exist

Problem I have just installed the latest version of the SDL suite. I have used the component XXXX (e.g. Rchart) in a program and although the program compiles, it will not execute - the error message reads "the property XXXX.PPPP does not exist". Is this a mistake on my part? What can I do?
Solution The explanation for this error message is quite simple: you have upgraded to a version of the SDL suite which does not support the particular property anymore. There are some components (i.e. TRChart, or TReportListView) which offer better replacements for previous properties discarding the old ones. The problem is that the DFM files of your project still contain the old property definitions. These definitions are compiled into your executable without problems (they are not checked for correctness during compilation), however, when you start the executable these unrecognized properties will generate the above mentioned error message.

In order to solve the problem, you have simply to open all forms in the IDE which contain the component showing this error. The IDE will complain about the missing property and ask you what to do. Select "ignore" and save the unit after it has been loaded. At this point the old "missing" properties will be discarded and the new ones will be included into the DFM file. Now recompile the program - that's it.


Last Update: 2006-01-28