Incompatible Parameters in OnEstimateZVal

Problem When I compile my app which uses TContourPlot with the new release 10.3 the compiler refuses to compile the program due to an incompatible parameter list of the event OnEstimateZVal.
Applies To SDL Suite (ChartPack) Release 10.3, or higher
Solution This error message is due to a change of the parameter list of the event OnEstimateZVal in release 10.3. It can be fixed by replacing the old version of the event by the new declaration. So, please replace all OnEstimateZVal events both in the interface section and in the implementation section as follows.

Old version:

  procedure XXXXXEstimateZVal(Sender: TObject; x,y: double; var z: double);
to be replaced by the new version:
  procedure XXXXXEstimateZVal(Sender: TObject; x, y: Double; pivx,
                              pivy: Integer; var z: Double; var Mask: Byte);


Last Update: 2014-10-10